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Duck fat is classically used when making duck confit. This fat can be used repeatedly if it is strained and separated from cooking juices. Duck fat can also be used for the most flavoursome, crispy roast potatoes. It doesn’t only work well for roast potatoes, it can substitute clarified butter when frying duck or even mixed into your rosti mix.


  1. Duck Confit: Submerge prepared legs in melted duck fat and cook under foil at 120°C for at least 3 hours till meat is falling from the bone. Carefully remove legs and chill then strain and separate fat from juices. Reserved clean fat can be used again for the same use.
  2. Substitute veg oil for duck fat when making roast potatoes for extra crisp and flavour.
  3. Use instead of veg oil when pan frying veg accompaniments on duck or other meat dishes.
  4. Substitute for clarified butter in various potato preparations, including: Pomme Anna, Potato rosti or potato fondants.

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