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Gressingham Products

Discover our wide range of Gressingham duck products. From our most popular succulent duck breasts and tender duck legs, to the less common duck hearts and duck wings. We have something for every restaurant menu.

Whole Duck

Whole roast duck is a classic dish and the cooking process is very similar to roasting a chicken. There are many different takes on a whole roast duck, from the famous Chinese Pekin to classic Duck a l’Orange.

Duck Crown

To achieve best results for roasted duck breast it is recommended to cook on the crown rather than a whole duck. Score and salt the crown 24hrs before cooking to achieve a crispy skin.

Duck Breast

Tender, succulent, and flavourful, duck breasts are best served pink with well rendered crispy skin.

Duck Legs

Ideal for slow cooking, duck legs' high-fat content, and great skin coverage gives succulent, fall-off-the-bone meat with delicious crispy skin.

Duck Liver

Popular for pâtê or parfait, duck livers are rich in flavour and can be paired with a variety of dishes throughout the year.

Duck Hearts

A fairly new addition to UK menus, duck hearts are best served quickly fried or grilled as part of salads or larger dishes.

Duck Wings

Despite being less common than their chicken alternative, duck wings are larger with great meat to bone ratio. Slow cook the duck wings for the best results.

Duck Fat

Duck fat is classically used when making duck confit and can also be used for the most flavoursome, crispy roast potatoes.


Duck carcass and leg bones are ideal for making stock or adding another level to your sauces. Simply make as brown chicken stock and finish as you desire.

Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl can closely be compared with chicken and can be prepared and cooked in the same way. Their meat is supremely tender and has a slightly gamey flavour.


Poussin is incredibly succulent with a wonderful chicken flavour. Their small size means they are quick to roast compared to a whole chicken and especially easy to cook when spatchcocked.